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We believe our differences make us stronger.

With offices in more than 30 countries, none of our member firms are exactly alike. Our cultural differences, geographic locations, and shared mission allow us to provide support wherever you are.

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Message from the chairman
When you have confidence in the people you’re working with, the work speaks for itself. Building a trusted network with such strong interpersonal relationships means we’ve built a service you can believe in.
David H. Conaway - Global Advocaten Chairman
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Global Advocaten Timeline

We believe our history guides us forward.

We develop and foster long-term relationships with our colleagues, creating a global network that clients can rely on.


Euroadvocaten is founded

In 1990, founding members William Jurgens, Dr. Armando Felix Pereira, Peter Sauberlich, Paky Houriet, and Axel Friedberg established Euroadvocaten under the European Economic Interest Grouping legal framework.


Euroadvocaten launches first website

In 2003, Euroadvocaten launched its first website and boasted member firms located in 18 different countries across Europe including, Austria, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, and Turkey.


Euroadvocaten becomes Global Advocaten

In 2016, Euroadvocaten members agreed to change the organization’s name to Global Advocaten to reflect its mission and global scope. Shortly after, member firms were welcomed from the United States.


Global Advocaten launches rebrand and new website

In 2023, Global Advocaten launched a rebrand and new website to share the organization’s vision and connect with members and clients across the world.

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